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This page is intended to simply be a searchable list of Docker commands. There is of course the Official docker commands documentation. This is mainly for me to document what I've been learning.

see Docker for more info

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docker run imageName [parameters to pass to container]

Creates image and runs from container.


docker run hello-world
docker run busybox ls 
docker run busybox echo yeah, I can fly
docker run busybox ping

docker ps [--all]

Shows all running containers:

docker ps

Shows all containers ever run on system (that have not been pruned off file system):

docker ps --all

docker create

creates the docker container from image but does not run/start it

docker start [name or id of container] [-a]

starts running docker container already created previously

putting the -a will display output of container, by default no output will show in command line

note: you cannot modify the parameters you passed to the container when it was created at this point


docker start magical_curie
docker start cb7018d7799d -a

docker system prune

removes all stopped containers