Elaboration 2 Presentation

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This page is to provide talking points for our class presentation on 11/10/10.

Please note the changes to pages for Iteration 2 have been highlighted in red text in the wiki.

Required Presentation items

  1. Updated Use Cases - Benjamin
  2. Glossary - Benjamin
  3. Software Architecture Document - Benjamin
  4. Domain Model - Kyle
  5. Sequence Diagrams - Kyle

Bonus Presentation items

  1. Made footer with Template:AgileProcessforAndroidGameFooter page code so page links can be added easier
  2. Updated Code for project with Move functions included - Aaron

Elaboration 2 Presentation Checklist

(from Professor Larry Gottschalk)

  1. More use case scenarios (page 408)
  2. Update UML as needed (page 401)
  3. SSD’s might be updated (page 402)
  4. Update Domain model, if there has been enough change (page 402) (determined with conversation with Professor no updates needed for our project)


Project Topics