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Prebuild OpenVPN 2.1.1 Package

Tested with Win XP and Win7 32/64, think Vista will work.

Download and install NSIS 2.46
Download and install 7zip
Download and unzip openvpn-2.1.1._prebuild4noinc.7z File:Openvpn-2.1.1. prebuild4noinc.7z

Jump into the extracted openvpn-2.1.1 folder.
I have moved the compiled binary's from the community OpenVPN 2.1.1 project and put a selfcompiled openvpn.exe with the enabled option '--enable-password-save' into bin.
OpenVPN now can read username / password from file.

Edit your config and certificate in config

Edit the install README and License in text

Jump into install-WIN32 and edit the openvpn.nsi if you want to rename some configs, howto or binary's. Search for the 'noinc' strings.

If you made no mistakes you can compile the install-win32\openvpn.nsi with a right click of your mouse on it and choose 'compile NSIS Script'. You will find your install.exe in the rootdir of openvpn-2.1.1 .

Regards, Eike Lohmann

I cleaned up the above descriptions and corrected the directory name which is created when extracting openvpn from the listed file.

To do this on Linux is exactly the same, except for the types of slashes in the file names.

I would suggest that you edit the openvpn.nsi file and remove the lines which reference the 'noinc' strings to avoid any problems with unusable configs being included and installed.

Jonathan Bayer