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Welcome to the Secure Computing Networks wiki. Our goal is to produce a resource for Unix, Mac, and Windows System Administrators with information on configuration, trouble-shooting, and utilities for easier use and management of their systems and networks.

I will be attending BSDCan this year! If you'd like to meet up, drop me an email.


The SCN Wiki got started as a personal project of mine, to store all the various configuration and trouble-shooting data I acquire in my job as a FreeBSD Administrator, and as an ad-hoc developer. Over time, I started doing more complete write-ups for things such as OpenVPN and OpenLDAP. Today, I get a modest 4,000 hits per day to these complete articles.

Popular Articles

  1. OpenVPN
  2. OpenVPN/Routing
  3. mtree
  4. OpenLDAP

Snark Bonus

10:38:03 < ecrist> Does reading this make anyone else want to throw up in their mouth a little bit?
10:38:13 < ecrist> <company> is passionate about harmonizing people and process to drive alignment of organizational objectives to outcomes.
10:39:02 < jhibbits> ecrist: sorry, I just see a jumble of random words with a terminating .
10:39:12 < ecrist> right?
10:40:30 < ecrist> I'm picturing a brainstorming session that you only attend because you get to skip half a day of work and are given a free 
                   lunch.  "Ok everyone, let's come up with words that you think describe a good people-centric business."
10:40:51 < ecrist> Fucking Karen, in back, yells, "harmonizing".
10:40:57 < ecrist> Shit, this is happening.
10:41:19 < ecrist> Phil, from accounting, blurts out "passionate".
10:41:46 < ecrist> The only thing that's ever been passionate in Phil's live was the sex his wife got from the neighbor last night.
10:41:55 < jhibbits> what about synergizing diverse perspectives?
10:42:08 < ecrist> The overweight, but not too-overweight organizer says, "let's think bigger."
10:42:39 < jhibbits> ecrist:
10:43:07 < ecrist> Karen, who's all excited because she contributed for the first time in her goddamn life yells louder,  "driving alignment!"
10:43:12 < ecrist> Goddamn it Karen.
10:44:17 < ecrist> Kimberly, the gal that doesn't actually do any work, but idles in the break area all day, states a half-assed, "pushing 
                   objectives to outcomes???"
10:46:25 < ecrist> She sits back down, she's just interested in the free lunch.
10:46:51 < ecrist> "Let's put it all together folks!  These are some great ideas."
10:47:12 < ecrist> As the speaker moves to the whiteboard, he fires up a quick cat gif.
10:47:22 < ecrist> Everyone laughs.
10:47:57 < ecrist> "I thought I'd add a little humor to the day with that JIFF my kid sent me the other day"
10:48:12 < ecrist> Fuck me, he said JIFF, like it's peanut butter.
10:48:53 < jhibbits> ecrist: you've played this out at least once before, haven't you
10:49:50 < ecrist> Could you tell by my Agility or was it the Six Sigma Black Belt that gave it away?
10:50:37 < jhibbits> Your flashbacks to Dundar Mifflin
10:51:05 < ecrist> Oh, I wish it was just a TV show. :)
10:51:25 < jhibbits> With the way you describe it, it could be a full broadway production