Novatel Merlin EX720

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Sprint Novatel Merlin EX720 ExpressCard/34

The Novatel Merlin EX720 is an ExpressCard/34 adapter for high-speed CDMA broadband networks, namely Sprint. This card is compatible with Mac and PC.


  • External Antenna Port
  • ExpressCard/34
  • Flip-up Antenna


I ran into some issues with activation on my MacBook Pro, initially. The card is specifically identified as compatible with Mac OS X 10.4+, yet no drivers or software for the Mac are included on the disk accompanying the hardware.

After some heave searching on Google, I found Sprint's Novatel Mac integration package. This zip file includes two documents, one for OS X Tiger, and one for OS X Leopard. Included in the package was the Sprint activation utility for Mac.

Working 3g icon.png
After installing the utility and following it's instructions to activate the card, all was well. Here are a few pointers for your journey down this path:
Working 3g menu.png
  1. You'll need the following three pieces of information:
    1. MDN (10-digit number)
    2. MSID (10-digit number)
    3. Lock (10-digit number)
  2. When you've activated the card and connect for the first time, you'll be asked for a username and password. Enter anything at all. It's a legacy appearance having to do with the Mac's PPP stack. This information isn't used or checked by Sprint.

Configuration with Linksys WRT-54G3G-ST

First, make sure you have the latest Linksys firmware.

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