OpenVPN/IRC meetings/Topics-2010-03-04

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Topics sorted by importance, most important first, least important last.

  1. The feature removal process
    1. Is this documented process ok for James
  2. Gerts questions
    1. special-case code for OpenBSD [Mail thread]
    2. MacOSX / Darwin funny in the code [Mail thread]
    3. Win XP problem with framedyn.dll and PATH settings [Mail thread]
    4. [PATCH] make ipv6_payload compile under windows [Mail thread]
  3. Davids questions
    1. Gentoo patch for glibc-2.8, needing to #define _GNU_SOURCE in socket.c (Mail to James directly)
  4. From mailing list
    1. [PATCH] Implement --passtos for tagged ethernet frames [Mail thread]
    2. [PATCH] Add CID to the management status overview [Mail thread]
    3. [Feedback needed] - Fix cross compile support [Mail thread]
    4. [PATCH] bash->bourne script cleanup [Mail thread]