OpenVPN/IRC meetings/Topics-2010-03-11

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Topics sorted by importance, most important first, least important last.

  1. Need ACK/NACK
    1. [PATCH] On TARGET_LINUX define _GNU_SOURCE if not defined ("Gentoo patch")
    2. [PATCH] The man page needs dash escaping in UTF-8 environments
    3. NON_CBC_CIPHER bug / [PATCH] Don't ASSERT() on stream cipher
  2. Mailing list
    1. An update on the --passtos for tagged ethernet frames
      • The developer have contacted dazo, and have provided some testing docs.
      • How to bring this further?
    2. Supporting "route-gateway dhcp" on non-Windows
      • Summary of the discussion on ML. What's next?
    3. HMAC calculation questions