OpenVPN/IRC meetings/Topics-2010-04-01

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  1. Community comments
    1. Implement a solution for deprecating warnings like:
      • "WARNING: Make sure you understand the semantics of --tls-remote before using it (see the man page)."
      • "NOTE: the current --script-security setting may allow this configuration to call user-defined scripts"
      • Suggestion: Introduce a new configure option to allow filtering of different start-up warnings.
        • Do not remove all messages by one entry, but add a possibility to filter each message separately. This way newer warnings will be shown and needs to be disabled explicitly.

  1. New patches/issues
    1. Fabian Knittel's VLAN tagging patchset
    2. Add comile time settings from ./configure information to --version

  1. Old patches/issues
    1. 802.1Q --passtos patch
      • No test reports from users yet
  1. Possible bugs/issues
    1. Assertion fails in socket.c:429 in p2p mode due to Debian ipv6 patch
  1. trackers
    1. bug? wrong CN in client-disconnect with username-as-common-name