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Technical Scope

Creating a game that is able to be played on the Android Phones with Android OS 2.1 and higher that is capable of being played by two human players with a single phone(2-player mode), player vs computer or multiplayer modes via wifi or cell provider signal.

The multiplayer mode should be capable of handling up to 100,000 players at one time. The computer mode should have three levels of difficulty that will allow challenge to players of different skill. The first playable version.

Business Issues

We have decided on the working name of "Laser Chess" to attempt avoid any Intellectual Property issues by using the name of Khet.

For purposes of internal design, however, we may refer to pieces, rules and other information by the names used by the Khet game. Public-facing we will have a new name and storyline, but the core engine will be designed to clone the Khet game. Some documentation may say Khet and some may say Laser Chess (or a different name if the working name changes).

Order of development

This is related to the complexity and issues detailed in the Software Architecture Document.

  1. 2-player game functions (which includes core program features)
  2. Multi-Player game functions
  3. add AI Player

Project Topics