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This page should hold links to Cisco specific configurations and commands.

Block IPv6 Between VLANs on Cisco Switches

  • create mac ACL to block ethertype 86DD
  • apply to interface ingress


  • with SNMP write enabled on the router or switch, the following command will send a copy of the running configuration to the specified TFTP server:
snmpset -t 5 -v 1 -c PRIVATE HOST . s FILENAME

Replace the following in the above command:

  • PRIVATE: the SNMP private key for write access
  • HOST: the hostname/address for the router or switch
  • W.X.Y.Z: The IP address of the TFTP server. If the IP is, it would appear as .
  • FILENAME: The filename to save on the TFTP server.

Quick Notes

  • escape sequence: The Cisco escape sequence mentioned in commands such as traceroute and ping is, by default, Control-^ (control+shift+6).