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While there are provisions for auto-configuration of IP addresses in the IPv6 protocol, most of the information necessary to get on the internet, and even talk to many computers on a LAN, is not obtained during the auto-configuration process. IPv6 auto-configuration is designed to simply get a valid IP address on a given host, with the help of a route advertisement service, usually installed on the network gateway. The host will still be missing the default gateway and DNS servers.

Installing the dhcp6 port on FreeBSD

To install the dhcp6 port, cd to the /usr/ports/net/dhcp6 directory on your FreeBSD 6.2 system and, as root, type make install:

# cd /usr/ports/net/dhcp6
# make install

The installation will place three startup scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d, which are going to need variables set in /etc/rc.conf in order to start. We'll discuss each of these files here.


dhcp6c works as a DHCPv6 client and gets information from DHCPv6 servers to configure the specified interface. Multiple interfaces can be specified separated by spaces or tabs, in which case dhcp6c will work on all the interfaces simultaneously.

Since we're setting up a DHCP6 server, we do not want or need to start this process. Go to DHCP6 Client for installation and configuration of this process.


dhcp6relay acts as an intermediary to deliver DHCPv6 messages between clients and servers, and is on the same link as a client. dhcp6relay needs command line arguments interface ..., which specifies the list of links accommodating clients.

Again, since we're setting up a DHCP6 server, we do not want or need to start this process.


dhcp6s replies to DHCPv6 client as DHCPv6 server. dhcp6s can give the following information to clients.

  • IPv6 prefixes for the requesting site
  • Non-temporary IPv6 addresses
  • A list of the DNS server addresses
  • DNS Domain Search List
  • A list of the NTP server addresses
  • A list of the SIP server addresses
  • SIP Server domain name
  • A list of the NIS server addresses
  • NIS domain name
  • A list of the NIS+ server addresses
  • NIS+ domain name
  • A list of the BCMCS server addresses
  • BCMCS Server domain name