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This page is to provide talking points for our class presentation on 12/01/10.

Please note the changes to pages for Iteration 3 have been highlighted in dark red text in the wiki. (NOTE: Iteration 3 used red text, so in the interests of making it more readable and not confused with hyperlinks, we are avoiding green, blue or any other colors.)

Required Presentation items

Will be based upon requirements below and then links will be added (to new or existing pages) to this section NOTE: if new pages are added, add them to the footer and add the footer to the new page.

  1. Domain Model updated - Kyle
  2. Use Cases updated - Aaron
  3. Activity Diagrams - Kyle
  4. State Machine Diagram - Aaron

Bonus Presentation items

  1. Wiki vandalized on Thanksgiving weekend, yet no data lost
    1. Example: http://www.secure-computing.net/wiki/index.php?title=Template:AgileProcessforAndroidGameFooter&diff=1584&oldid=1500 - Benjamin
  2. Updated Glossary - Benjamin
  3. Looked at using Graphwiz on Wiki for future collaboration - Benjamin
    1. Example: Graph
    2. Available Tools: http://www.graphviz.org/Resources.php
  4. Software Architecture Document updated for pieces - Benjamin

Elaboration 3 Presentation Checklist

(from Professor Larry Gottschalk)

  1. create activity diagrams to show some of your class interactions (chapter 28)
  2. create state diagrams to show some of the workings of your application (chapter 29)
  3. create at least one include relationship (chapter 30)
  4. create at last one extend relationship (chapter 30)
  5. refine the domain model (chapter 31)
    1. generalizations (chapter 31)
      1. conceptual superclasses and subclasses
      2. abstract conceptual classes
    2. association classes (many – 1; many-many in the attributes)


Project Topics