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32bit within 64bit land

14:31 < ecrist> if I chroot to a 32-bit env on a 64-bit host, it wants to install 64-bit packages, can I change that somehow?
14:33 < jpaetzel> yeah
14:33 < jpaetzel> if you do man uname
14:34 < jpaetzel> There are some env vars you can set to fool things into thinking it's 32 bit
14:35 < jpaetzel> # setenv MACHINE i386
14:35 < jpaetzel> # setenv UNAME_p i386
14:35 < jpaetzel> # setenv UNAME_m i386


mkisofs -no-emul -r -b boot/cdboot -J -V FreeBSD-CLX -o /home/ecrist/clx.iso livecd32/