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* [[Dump Over SSH]]
* [[Dump Over SSH]]
* [[Postfix Mail Server Hints]]
* [[Postfix Mail Server Hints]]
* [[Wiki Notes]]
=== Wiki Stuff ===
* [[Extra Edit Buttons]]
=== Windows (Bleh) Notes ===
=== Windows (Bleh) Notes ===

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Here, please find how-to documents.

Windows (Bleh) Notes

Mail Server Stuff

First off, the learning curve on postfix blows donkey balls. Secondly, I've been using sendmail for way too long and don't really WANT to use postfix. However, I admit that there are quite a few great advantages to the postfix MTA, such as Virtual Domains and the user interface.




Postfix How-To


Link sudo to /usr/bin/sudo

# ln -s /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/bin/sudo


  • No Scroll Tabs: goto about:config, set browser.tabs.tabMinWidth=1
  • Close on Tab: goto about:config, set browser.tabs.closeButtons=1

MySQL Stuff