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* [[Postfix Mail Server Hints]]
* [[Postfix Mail Server Hints]]
* [[Postfix Install]]
* [[Postfix Install]]
* [[Delete Gmail Archives]]
== Cryptography/Encryption ==
== Cryptography/Encryption ==

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Many systems administration tasks are only achieved by following someone's How-To document. This is our attempt to contribute to those much needed pages on the World Wide Web.

Apple Macintosh

ExpressCard EVDO Cards



Electronic Mail


  • Secure Computing Root SSL and Various OS SSL Import How-To's: SCN-Root

Backups/Data Preservation


Log Analysis

System/Hardware Monitoring

  • BMC Nagios
    • A plugin for Nagios 2+ to monitor Dell BMC data.
  • PDU Nagios
    • A plugin for Nagios 2+ to monitor SNMP data from enabled PDUs and UPSes.
  • PDU Cacti
    • XML and scripts to monitor SNMP enables PDU's and UPSes.


Web Browsing

Document Handling / Formatting