Mission Statement and Aims

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To design and produce a laser chess game for the Android OS to generate profit. This laser chess game will be a clone of the game Khet.

Khet is a 2007 Toy of the Year Nominee and Mensa Select National Competition Winner - Khet on the Android platform and sell this product on the Android Market.

We have decided on the working name of "Laser Chess" to attempt avoid any Intellectual Property issues by using the name of Khet.

For purposes of internal design, however, we may refer to pieces, rules and other information by the names used by the Khet game. Public-facing we will have a new name and storyline, but the core engine will be designed to clone the Khet game.

The android market is growing rapidly, games that get to market within the next 365 days have a large chance of grabbing large market share. We believe we are positioned to produce a version of the game Khet as laser chess and get it to market within this time frame.

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