Mission Statement and Aims (Golf App)

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Mission Statement and Aims

We will be creating a Golf Scorecard Application that will run on the Android Operating System. The product will be primarily focused toward semi-regular to regular golfers that play 1 or more golf courses. The Application will provided the user with a quick look at each hole's information, as well as saved data about hole as entered by the user on previous occasions.

The Android Golf Application will also provide a scorecard. This scorecard will match the paper version provided at the course clubhouse in reference to par, yardage, and handicap. The scorecard can be used to track the scores of all the players in a party.

Our objective is to start with an application that will perform a basic, yet effective, means of tracking a golfer's playing history for various courses, starting our first version with a single course. We foresee the ability to one day provide GPS services that will provide golfers with accurate distance to pin information, as well as provide hints or tips from other users, and instructional lessons about the game.

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