Novatel Merlin EX720

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Activation of the Novatel Merlin EX720 had originally turned out to be a royal PITA on my MacBook Pro. The card clearly indicates on the Sprint website support for Mac OS X (10.4+). The CD that came with the card included only Windows software, and the documentation on the CD had no mention of Apple Macintosh or OS X.

After some heavy Googling, I found an outdated site that listed a rather lengthy process of installing Parallels or Boot Camp to get the Windows activation software running on your Mac. See, the card cannot be activated with the adapter for some reason. It *must* be in an ExpressCard slot to work. The site, MWGblog linked to some outdated files on the Sprint website. These included supposedly new Mac drivers and documentation. A little looking around brought me to the Movatel Mac Integration package. This zip file includes two documents, one for OS X Tiger, and one for OS X Leopard. In addition, there was a software package for installation, which was, to my amazement, the Sprint Activation Utility. Wooo!!!!11!!!1!

After installing the utility and following it's instructions to activate the card, all was well. Here are a few pointers for your journey down this path:

  1. You'll need the following three pieces of information:
    1. MDN (10-digit number)
    2. MSID (10-digit number)
    3. Lock (10-digit number)
  1. When you've activated the card and connect for the first time, you'll be asked for a username and password. Enter anything at all. It's a legacy appearance having to do with the Mac's PPP stack. This information isn't used or checked by Sprint.