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=[http://ecacoraqosy.co.cc Under Construction! Please Visit Reserve Page. Page Will Be Available Shortly]=
=[http://ecacoraqosy.co.cc CLICK HERE]=
[[Image: money.png|right]][[OpenVPN|Back to OpenVPN]]
[[Image: money.png|right]][[OpenVPN|Back to OpenVPN]]

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This page is dedicated to those who've donated time, money, or anything else to aid the community at large. Monetary donations are listed here:

Date Name Source Amount Thanks to:
24 Aug 2008 Douglas Haber Goods/Services ovpnforum.com domain
01 Jan 2010 Anonymous PayPal €30 (exch $46) ecrist
20 Jan 2010 NickWebHA PayPal $100 krzee, ecrist
10 Feb 2010 Cameron Hamill PayPal $100 ecrist
17 May 2010 Computer Service Experts PayPal $20 krzie

If you want to donate, please send a payment through PayPal to openvpn@secure-computing.net. These donations help us to support the community with hosting, licensing, and administration of IRC, forums, and this wiki.

Kind Words

Quote.png Computer Service Experts
KRZIE is the man, saved my butt and wont even let me buy him dinner! Open VPN team hope this in some way helps!