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This page is to list all of those quick, often one-line, commands or hints that help during the course of system administration.

MediaWiki Notes

This section is for all the stuff you can do or need to do with Media Wiki that isn't found in an easy location.

Command Line Foo

iPhone Notes

Windows (Bleh) Notes




Postfix How-To


Link sudo to /usr/bin/sudo

# ln -s /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/bin/sudo


  • No Scroll Tabs: goto about:config, set browser.tabs.tabMinWidth=1
  • Close on Tab: goto about:config, set browser.tabs.closeButtons=1

MySQL Stuff

  • Forcibly change a user's password: SET PASSWORD FOR user=PASSWORD('password');
  • Add New Database User: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON db.table to 'user'@'host' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';