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You can download the Secure Computing Networks Root SSL certifcate at

MacOS X 10.4+ Install

This section will instruct you on installing and trusting the Secure Computing Networks SSL certificate tree.

  1. First, download the SCN Root Certificate file.
  2. Once downloaded, double-click/open the file you downloaded. You should see a window such as the following:
  3. Click the View Certificates button, then click the small arrow to expand the information. Our signatures are:
    • MD5: 87 E8 EC E9 B6 24 9B 64 01 AF EA 13 F3 84 BF C2
    • SHA1: E0 C4 5A 19 4F 91 63 E7 F1 5D 7B A3 6C 76 A5 61 BB F2 AF 51

    If these don't match, DO NOT INSTALL THE CERTIFICATE! If these do match, click OK and continue with these instructions.

  4. From the drop down list, select X509Anchors. (In 10.5.x, select System instead).
  5. If you're asked to authenticate as an Administrator, go ahead and do so. Editing the X509Anchors requires root/admin privileges.
  6. Your Keychain Access application should be open. To verify installation, select X509Anchors, and from the Category, select Certificates. Scrolling down, you should see "SCN Root Certificate Authority".
  7. You can test by going to You should not be asked or warned about certificate authenticity or validation. If using Safari, you can click on the lock icon in the upper-right corner to view the site certificate. You should see a green check box indicating the certificate is valid:

Windows XP/Vista IE7

Installation of the SCN Root CA certificate is fairly straight forward on Windows XP and Vista with IE7. The first trick is to get to this page.

  1. First, download the SCN Root Certificate file.
  2. Once downloaded, select to open the file you've downloaded. When you choose to open it, you'll be given a window such as the following:
  3. Click the button that says Install Certificate.
  4. Click Next when the Certificate Import Wizard starts.
  5. On the next page, you'll be asked to choose which certificate store to use. We want to select the second radio button, Place all certificates in the following store.
  6. Click on the Browse button, and select Trusted Root Certificate Authorities from the list. Click OK when done.
  7. Verify that Trusted Root Certification Authorities appears in the Certificate store box.
  8. Click on Finish
  9. Click on Yes when the Security Warning pops up.
  10. At this point, you MUST restart Internet Explorer for the new changes to take effect.