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What is on this page

Supplementary Specifications are on this page.

Since we have broken the Mission Statement and Glossary out into their own pages, links are provided to that information here.

Since we have only a couple business rules at this point, we have left them on this page. Should the number of business rules increase, we can break that out onto its own page.

Business rules

  • We will be using the Admob product to generate revenue from clients who are not customers. (see Glossary )
  • We will be marketing the game with the working name of Laser Chess to avoid copyright issues from the company making the game Khet, though the concept of the game will be very similar.

Supplementary Specifications

  • Interfaces: since this application is intended for use with the android service the interface will be that of a touch screen (where touch gestures act as mouse events)
  • Usability:
  1. Human factors
    1. Create an option that will use symbols rather than colors for colorblind users
    2. Pieces should be large enough that the player can easily manipulate pieces on the touch screen with accuracy and ease
  2. Performance
    1. In Static single player mode should the AI component should respond "quickly". Possibly notify the user that with the increasing difficulty of the AI the response time of the AI may slow down.
  • Functionality:
  1. Security: All Online players are required to provide authentication. this may be stored with in the system after the initial usage of the application.
  • Purchased Components:

the AI logic?

  • Reliability:

All moves will be logged and stored, case of a system crash.

Further Supplementary Specifications

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