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Use Case UC1: Play Game
Scope: Laser Chess application
Level: User goal
Primary Actor: Player
Stakeholders and Interests:
- Player: plays the game as a form of entertainment.
- Company: wants to ensure game flows as intended and players enjoy playing the game.
- Advertiser: wants players to view and interact with their advertisement(s) within the game.
Preconditions: Player has application installed.
Success Guarantee: Player plays through an entire game.
Main Success Scenario:
1. Player starts the application and initiates a game mode: Single Player, Two Player Mode, or Online Multiplayer.
2. Game is initiated, sides are chosen, and the player who moves first is selected.
3. Play begins and player makes move(s).
4. AI or human opponent takes turn making move(s).
5. Steps 3 and 4 are repeated until a winner is declared.
1. Player exits game before a winner is declared:
- a. The player who exits the game forfeits.
2. Player times-out (fails to make a move within 7 days):
- a. The player whose turn was pending forfeits the game.

Use case 2: Registration (different path for purchase then register as opposed to register then purchase)

Use case 3: Tech support that is automated

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