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FreeSwitch Hot-Seating:

Log In/Out

The user logs in with *<EXT> and out with #<EXT>. I am working on the logic to require the user's voicemail password as part of the string. Log In: *<EXT> -> 'Please enter your password, followed by pound.' -> XXXX -> ' You are now logged in.' Log out: #<EXT> -> 'You are now logged out.'


Each phone has a 1XXX extension number. You can not call these numbers, they are virtual only. Each user has a 2XXX number. These are the numbers you dial. The log in process creates two DB entries, one in realm route_to and one in realm route_from. route_to is <virt_ext> -> <hard_phone> and route_from is <hard_phone> -> <virt_ext>. Route_to is used to determine which phone the user is at. route_from is used to set caller id and orignation extension when that user dials another.

seat changes

A user can re-log in to any extension and will be logged out of the existing extension. A user can also log out from any extension. If another user logs in to a phone for which a user was already logged in, the original user will be logged out.

OpenVPN Notes

Forum Software

  1. vBulletin
    1. $195, Perpetual
    2. Mailing List Plugin
    3. RSS Feeds
  2. Invasion Power Board (IP.Board 3)
    1. $149.99
    2. Reputation System
    3. Mobile Skin, lofi, for mobile users.
    4. RSS Feeds
  3. ocPortal
    1. $0.00
    2. more than just forum

Office LAN